soundinitiative comprises eleven musicians from France, Australia, China, Italy, Poland and the United States who have each forged their own careers, both in France and abroad, as soloists and chamber musicians. Their mix of backgrounds affords the group a rich collective musical insight encompassing myriad cultures, musical languages and musical experiences.

Since its formation in Paris in 2011, the group's activity has centered around the interpretation of contemporary repertoire, close collaboration with established and emerging composers to create new pieces, and the development of musical events with a strong emphasis on scenography. The ensemble has built a strong audience base through their innovative programming, and strong stage presence that combines physical and visual interaction with the space, audience, projected video/sound, movement and text.

The group has been invited to perform at festivals across the world including Ars Musica (Brussels), Darsmtadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Germany), Festival Klang (Denmark), Brisbane Festival and BIFEM (Australia), Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik (Austria), and SIRGA Festival (Spain).

In 2015/16 soundinitiative performed the program Is it this?(supported by the Parisian Regional Department of Cultural Affairs and Impuls Neue Musik) in Across Europe (Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Reims, Paris). The ensemble toured the Asia Pacific in 2015, performing in Singapore, Wellington, Bendigo, Melbourne and Brisbane with the support of the Institut Français and the SPEDIDAM.

Since 2013 members of the ensemble have run outreach and pedagogical programs in the Paris region (St Quentin, St Gratien) as well as performances in galleries and public spaces across the city.