'Coeli et Terrae', Daniel d'Adamo: "Caleb Salgado deploys a transcendental virtuosity on the double bass, confronted with Joshua Hyde's bass saxophone, the combination created powerful gestures and electrifying sonic interaction."

'Dar cuerda al reloj', 'Ezequiel Menalled (premiere): "The instrumental sections (of Menalled's piece), including Kobe van Cauwenberghe's electric guitar, were very richly coloured and served as a backdrop for the amplified voice - Fabienne Séveillac, luminous - who keep us amazed with the diversity of her vocal techniques as well as the unique ambiance that the composer creates throughout the work."

'Trames XI', Martin Matalon: "The fluidity and elegance of Martin Matalon's gesture gave rise to a flowing performance, brought about equally by the refined playing of Caleb Salgado and the quality of the concentration of the musicians of soundinitiative."

more here: 18 novembre 2013, Michèle Tosi 


"Young, talented and brimming with energy, (...) this collective of active musicians continue to create projects that seek to shake the foundations of the traditional concert, and to establish a new type of relationship with the public. They have just been selected, along with three other international young ensembles, to participate in the 47th Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt 2014."

"Fabienne Séveillac was fascinating (...) Paolo Vignaroli impressive..."

Strofa IIb, Christophe Bertrand: "The voice often left bare, is joined by a single virtuosic instrumental line– featuring Franco Venturini - deploying a dizzying sound space. One is stunned by the ease in the execution of the passages and the dazzling sound of the highly emotional music."

'Daimones', Franco Venturini: "...the compositional gesture with improvisational spontaneity passed an extraordinary energy between the stage and the audience."

more here: 1 novembre 2013, Francesca Ferrari